Three tough races in three weeks…

As most of you know my training over the last 20 months has been sporadic. Swimming being the only anchor keeping my training a float.

Jan and Feb I managed to find a better routine and found myself on a road back to hard training with 9-10 hours/week. But then work and illness got in the way so I only managed 1-5 hours training  March and April.  In May things slowly turned for the better and I was able to get over 6 hours/week for 6 weeks.

This past week I manged to push myself back into training and had
550 min biking
60 min running
210 min swimming
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Don’t worry, you’ll pass out before you die


So last weekend the 11th of June was the start of Swimrun season 2016 for Team TYR Warriors.  Unfortunately, my teammate Fredrik was having some issues with his calf muscle as late as Monday the 6th, so we decided it was better he continue with rehab and save himself for our other two races coming up in July.  Luckily through Facebook and my swimming friends I was able to find a replacement for Stockholm Swimrun. Marius contacted me and a day later it was decided. I was very clear that I was going to be slow, so it was going to be more of  a workout for him than a race, and he was ok with that. Continue reading

Hitting Rock Bottom

As most of my friends are aware, I have been on a downward spiral when it comes to my training and my body weight. This past weekend at the Swedish Nationals for Masters Swimming short course, I think I can say that I finally hit rock bottom…  My times during the three day competition were around the same level I had back in 2006 when I just started back up in Masters.

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One week out from Kalmar Ironman 2015

Technically it is nine days out, but by this time next week I will be done with all my training.  The only thing left will be to register for the race, check out the Ironman store and expo area, practice swim around the course Friday morning, drop of my bike Friday afternoon, eat, sleep and then block out the fact that I am not the person I was last year, and do what I can with the person I am now.
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Finally a really good week of training

Since I last wrote here, I have managed to get in two triathlon workouts about 2.5 hrs each, five crossfit workouts, and a nice long swimrun as well as taking two days with the family. Increased my training from roughly 10 hours to 14 and feel great.

for the first time in 2015 I have managed to do swim, bike or run more than during 2015 during a given month. Thanks to Swimrun practice I have managed to get my running distance up. Since I don’t see myself going up over 16 hrs I don\t expect to match any of my milestones again until Sept.

I’ve got a “big” day” of sorts planned for tomorrow. 2 hrs swimming, 1 hr CrossFit and 1 hr Swimrun

Looks like my triathlon club has 28 members on the starting list for this years Kalmar Ironman on the 15th of Aug. Makes the day fly by when there are so many from Växjö there, because it means there will be lots of friends and family along the course cheering all of us on.

Swedish Mid-summer weekend

It is amazing how many Swedes look forward to mid-summers eve. I have lived in Sweden since 2001, but this was my 16th mid-summer in Sweden, and I can only remember it being a nice day 2-3 times max.

So the topic of the majority of conversations the week building up to mid-summers eve include, who are you spending the day with, where are you going, and something about the weather.
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5 Days & Counting

Yesterday was a travel day for me. Started at 9:30 am and got into my hotel room around 01:30 am this morning. Got to watch Wild Card, Seventh Son, Robot Overlords & Project Almanac during the flight over.  Depending on how early I can go to bed on Thursday I might have to sleep on the flight to Stockholm so I am not tired on Saturday for the Stockholm Swimrun.

It’s a scary but at the same time an exciting feeling.  I was forced to pack for a race 6 days in advance, so now come Thursday/Friday I won’t be overwhelmed with what to pack. I arrive in Stockholm around 2 pm and if for some reason would notice that I am missing something I think I can find a replacement in town. Or if I am lucky I realize it Thursday night and can ask Fredrik to take it up to Stockholm on the train.

Hoping to get to the hotel by 5 pm today so I can get some sun. Depending on the plan after work with my colleagues I might even try to get in a quick run, otherwise I will save my workouts for the mornings since we have pick up at 8:45 I have all the time in the work to run before an 8 am breakfast.

UEA – The Never Ending Story

Last Saturday I was told that I would be going back to the Emirates to help with our manufacturing, so this week I booked my trip. I will be gone 8 days, but the last two I will be in Stockholm for my first Swimrun race.

I thought I would be done with all my travels back in march/april, but it is starting to feel like I might be making this trip a few more times through Dec.
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