The Open 15.5 Rx – repeat

So Monday afternoon I met up with Fredrik who had been sick over the weekend to perform WoD 15.5 again. Fredrik was going to do the scaled and I was going to try to beat my Friday time of 14:29.

After a short warm-up Fredrik was ready. We had a sign posted with the reps and times after each stage to give each other an idea of what the end time could be. Fredrik did really well, one minute faster than my time from friday. Continue reading

There is a risk that 15.4 will be a walkover!

I just got word that I need to be in Dubai on Monday for a meeting…

That means I won’t be able to stay for the entire Swedish Nationals on Sunday. But more importantly it means I might have to walkover The Open WoD 15.4.

I have been in contact with 4 boxes in Dubai, keeping my fingers crossed they have open gym times late on Monday so I can attempt 15.4, but it is not looking good. Most of them seem to have open gym 1400-1600 and then classes until closing. But there were lots of boxes with in 15km of my hotel, so I will keep trying to contact them.
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