2016 – Focus

my 2016

The picture above is a pretty good summary of what my 2016 will look like.

In a spur of the moment last summer I registered for the Jönköping Ironman 70.3.  So that means eventually I will have to start biking and running again. I also secured my place at the Stockholm Swimrun, Kustjagaren and Kalmar Swimrun for 2016, which is another good reason to start running again. In 2014 I tested crossfit and in 2015 I got hooked.  Now there are two boxes and plenty of passes everyday.

Since 2002 I have gone up to 108 kg and down to 83 kg several times.  Over Christmas I realized why I have such a yo-yo weight.  I also set me goal body weight for a competition 6-18 months away, and do what I need to get to that weight and then with in weeks I am fat again. How to break this cycle?  Easy change my goal or mindset.  This year I am going to get back down to 85kg, but not for the purpose of doing well in my four planned races, but to look good naked 😉


If I can keep this as my main goal, it will be easier to make it a lifestyle change, and not a program to get me from point A to B in a set time frame.  When I got back from our three week long US trip just under 109 kg. That is the most I have ever weighed. This morning at 104.7 kg, after just ten days of less sugar and daily workouts.  I haven’t even started my training plan or been able to experiment with food yet.

This is what I looked like just a day or two after vacation.  I will add new set of pictures to this frame when I get to 100 kg and then again at 95 kg. If things go well I should even be able to add a 90 kg picture before the start of the summer.



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