Back to Basics – Pre-season Training Starts Today

After 4 weeks of sleeping in, and less than 6 hrs of training per week it is time to get into shape for the 2015 racing season. This morning I weighted in at 94.6 kg (208.5 lbs) so I have 10 kg (or 22 lbs) to drop before May.

October is going to be a form of detox for me.  I have not gotten out of bed before 06:00 since Aug 30th so it will take some time getting use to waking up at 4:45. I have been eating all day, and eating what ever was available so it will also be a mental battle to start eating better.  Continue reading

Fall Planing

Now that school and the girls fall activities are in full swing can I plan my training through Christmas. Jeanette and I use Google calendar to make life easier. With three girls, work and our own workouts it seemed like the only option.  Now we both have access to each others schedules on our phones and can easily see right away if there will be a conflict. Even if I know that there will be quit a few deviations from the plan from time to time, it feels better knowing we are both on the same page. Continue reading

Motivation 2015 – You’re not good enough!

To me Triathlon is like a Decathlon. You can not be good at one of the disciplines and still expect to do well in the event.  Decathlon is basically a running, jumping and throwing event. Where as Triathlon is swimming, cycling and running.

Yesterday the Swedish Triathlon Organization announce Team Sweden for Worlds in Long Distance Triathlon in Motala in June next year. 20 of the spots were already taken at this years Swedish Nationals on the same course leaving only 10 spots left for the rest of the M40-44 to apply for based on results. Even before I submitted my application I knew that I only had an outside change to be chosen.  In my age group I would like to think people consider me to be good swimmer, average cyclist and a bad (slow) runner.  Continue reading

Winter Challenge – 1500m swimming + 5km running

This post is an attempt to build a larger participation in this years Winter Challenge on Funbeat.

This will be the fourth winter in a row that I challenge my work out friends on Funbeat to a swim run event. Each year the number of people participating as increased and the times are getting better and better.

The rules are simple:

  • Swim 1500m – without the ad of equipment
  • Run 5km – times from a treadmill not allowed

Someone even came up with the events hashtag #ryknosaqua.

Swimrun Team – TYR Warriors

As many of you may already know.  Fredrik Björn and I have decided to test out Swimrun next summer.

I am happy to announce that we are lucky enough to have two companies backing us. TYR Sverige will be providing us with the aquatic equipment we need for the races and Leon Hobra from Dynamic Training & Rehab will make sure we are fit for fight come race day.  Our team name was going to be Ironman & Phantom, but we changed to to TYR Warriors. Continue reading

Like a kid waiting for Christmas morning….

The following is a translated blog from my Funbeat account.

Yesterday (17 sept) registration for my two favorite 11.3 triathlons opened, Tjörn & Vansbro. As much as I would love to register for both I can’t. I agreed with Jeanette to only do four big races 2015. Stockholm Swimrun, Kustjagaren Swimrun, Kalmar Ironman and on more. The “one more” is my problem. Continue reading

Ryan, you ARE an Ironman!

Aug 16 2014 I crossed the finish line of my first Ironman, 11:24:44. In the months leading up to the race I was not sure if this was going to be a one and done type of race, or if it was going to feel right and become one of those things I try to do every year.

What happened, how did I get there and was it a one off??

Here are some of the highlights of my return to athletics. Continue reading