Crossfit in the UAE

Last night I got out of work just before 18:00 and made it back to my hotel around 18:30.

I quickly got changed, grabbed my gym bag and headed out to find the Crossfit Sand Warriors box. Not knowing exactly the address, but an area where it was, I was able to explain to the cab driver. I walk in and I am greeted and welcomed as a member of the Crossfit community. It was an amazing box. Looked like the Open games videos. It was nearly 20x40m, with a jungle gym set up off to one side, wall ball targets. It’s only been open for 10 months, so you can tell the owner went all in. Only bad thing I can mention was they only had one WOD clock.
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Cry Me a River & the UAE

So it seems like my time in the Cry Me a River competition has almost come to an end. I was the first one in my class to register 15.3 and currently I am placed 4th. So as soon as the others start to register their results I will slowyly be pushed out of the top 6.

Oh well, I knew I never really had a chance to go to the finals, but I will be doing 15.3 over again, because I want to push myself even harder. And I think my results will directly effect who gets 4-5-6 and who is pushed out of the top 6.

Last night I arrive to my hotel after 01:00 and manage to go to bed rather quickly. This hotel does not have the sound proof windows of the Hyatt, but it is only 100m from the beach and 3km from the Crossfit Sand Warriors which I am hoping to be able to book a workout or two at.

I checked out the “gym” at the hotel and I will be able to get somethings down, like OH squat technique and rowing, but I will most likely try running along the beach instead of running on the treadmill. it’s an open gym to the pool area, so it is warm and chlorinated air.


yesterday Marcus, Fredrik and I once again met up at the box for an attempt at Q15.3

We talk strategy and weights and even came up with a time table to help keep track of our progress. Marcus and Fredrik went before me which was to my benefit. I could see how hard they pushed themselves and where it was most effective to rest.
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Q15.2 & surprise surprise Dubai again

Thursday morning I get to work and start my day with a coffee and sort through the evening emails. Lucky me I get to go back to Dubai.  This time I am travelling alone so I’ll stay at a hotel in Ajman. That will save me 90-120min of travel time each day. But it’s going to be a long four days there with a full day travel there and another on the way home. At least the pay makes it worth it and this time I’m hoping to get some biking and running in.
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CMAR Q15.1

Damn that was hard.

Incase you missed it, CMAR or Cry Me a River WoD Q15.1 was posted last week. It is a simple WoD. 5 minute As many reps as possible hanging power cleans with your choice of weight. Your score is then the weight x the number of reps.

Earlier this week I was cocky and thought I would shoot for 4000. Last night I made my first attempt, and have now changed my goal to 3000. Last night I attempted 40kg and struggled to get 50 reps (2000). I lost strength in my hands, but felt nothing in my arms, back or legs. So tomorrow I will make another attempt with 30kg. If that goes well I think I can reach 100 reps by sunday evening.

My boxmates are doing well, currently between 1700 & 6700.

April – move, baby steps and CMAR

It’s been a while since my last post. But a lot as been going on.

Over Easter weekend we left the VEAB Environmental friendly plus house project. It’s been a big part of our lives the last two years. But now we are settled into our new apartment. The girls each have their own room which they love, we are on a waiting list for a garage and the attic storage is filled. There are aspects of the house we miss, but being on our own feels great.
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