Solid Open – Q2

New week, new WoD. This time it is a two part no time cap beast WoD for the SOLID OPEN On-line Qualifier


Clean and Jerk (GTOH) 1 rep max within 3 minutes




60 Double Unders
50 Wall Balls (9kg)
40 Kettlebell Swings (24kg)
30 Pullups
20 Squat Cleans (60kg)
10 HandStand Pushups


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Swedish Mid-summer weekend

It is amazing how many Swedes look forward to mid-summers eve. I have lived in Sweden since 2001, but this was my 16th mid-summer in Sweden, and I can only remember it being a nice day 2-3 times max.

So the topic of the majority of conversations the week building up to mid-summers eve include, who are you spending the day with, where are you going, and something about the weather.
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5 Days & Counting

Yesterday was a travel day for me. Started at 9:30 am and got into my hotel room around 01:30 am this morning. Got to watch Wild Card, Seventh Son, Robot Overlords & Project Almanac during the flight over.  Depending on how early I can go to bed on Thursday I might have to sleep on the flight to Stockholm so I am not tired on Saturday for the Stockholm Swimrun.

It’s a scary but at the same time an exciting feeling.  I was forced to pack for a race 6 days in advance, so now come Thursday/Friday I won’t be overwhelmed with what to pack. I arrive in Stockholm around 2 pm and if for some reason would notice that I am missing something I think I can find a replacement in town. Or if I am lucky I realize it Thursday night and can ask Fredrik to take it up to Stockholm on the train.

Hoping to get to the hotel by 5 pm today so I can get some sun. Depending on the plan after work with my colleagues I might even try to get in a quick run, otherwise I will save my workouts for the mornings since we have pick up at 8:45 I have all the time in the work to run before an 8 am breakfast.

UEA – The Never Ending Story

Last Saturday I was told that I would be going back to the Emirates to help with our manufacturing, so this week I booked my trip. I will be gone 8 days, but the last two I will be in Stockholm for my first Swimrun race.

I thought I would be done with all my travels back in march/april, but it is starting to feel like I might be making this trip a few more times through Dec.
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11 days left until Swimrun debute

Less than 11 days left until Fredrik and I make our debute in Swimrun.

Last night we jogged around a lake for 6.5km together. I had 1km before meeting up with Fredrik and 2.5km after to get up to 10km.

No pain or discomfort today so that’s a good sign. I thought we held 6min/km but we were closer to 6:15. But we were relaxed and talked the entire time.

Depending on the weather I think stockholm swimrun will take us about 3.5 hrs –> 2.5 running and 1 swimming.