Toughest – Copenhagen (race report)

Saturday September 26, 2015 I finished an 8km obstacle course. If you haven’t done one of these types of races it is really hard to explain how much fun they are to run.

Marcus, Fredik and I get to the starting area just over two hours before the start of the race. The only place to get food was cash only, so we took a long walk to find an ATM. After we find one, we take out cash and eat a light lunch. With about 30 minutes before start we drop off our bags and start to warm up.   Continue reading

Off to the desert for most of October

Update: New travel dates.  I am now leaving home on the 7th and returning to Sweden on the 30th! Great, just what I needed.  So instead of getting a week to be in the pool before my 24 hour swim I will land and take the train straight to Göteborg, try to sleep then, wake up and swim longer than I have ever tried before. Good thing my wife is OK with me being away for nearly 4 weeks.

It’s now official that I will be traveling back to Saudi Arabia for just over 3 weeks during October. Continue reading


Starting tomorrow, Monday, I will be posting pictures around Växjö the way I see it on the @govaxjo Instagram account.
I have no idea what pics to take or post but I hope the people of Växjö will enjoy seeing Växjö through my eyes.


Most of people know that I am the coach of our local Masters team. My personality and the lack of a coach got me into the position as team dad.  I write the workouts, plan for meets and do what I can to increase our pool time so we can be open for more than just competitive swimmers, but masters of all levels. With today’s limits space in the pool I have been forced to set requirements for our weekday workouts, but Sundays everyone is welcome.
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Ironman 2015 – The Video

Enjoy my Ironman Kalmar video.

I personally thought that last years video from Finisher Pix was better, not sure if it was the location of the videos, or maybe there was music in last years video. I was happy to see that I was running at all the locations of the cameras 😉

I even sent a little comment to Kalmar to inform the volunteers about the locations of the cameras since one guy seems to be standing in front of the camera at T2.