Finally a really good week of training

Since I last wrote here, I have managed to get in two triathlon workouts about 2.5 hrs each, five crossfit workouts, and a nice long swimrun as well as taking two days with the family. Increased my training from roughly 10 hours to 14 and feel great.

for the first time in 2015 I have managed to do swim, bike or run more than during 2015 during a given month. Thanks to Swimrun practice I have managed to get my running distance up. Since I don’t see myself going up over 16 hrs I don\t expect to match any of my milestones again until Sept.

I’ve got a “big” day” of sorts planned for tomorrow. 2 hrs swimming, 1 hr CrossFit and 1 hr Swimrun

Looks like my triathlon club has 28 members on the starting list for this years Kalmar Ironman on the 15th of Aug. Makes the day fly by when there are so many from Växjö there, because it means there will be lots of friends and family along the course cheering all of us on.

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