Three tough races in three weeks…

As most of you know my training over the last 20 months has been sporadic. Swimming being the only anchor keeping my training a float.

Jan and Feb I managed to find a better routine and found myself on a road back to hard training with 9-10 hours/week. But then work and illness got in the way so I only managed 1-5 hours training  March and April.  In May things slowly turned for the better and I was able to get over 6 hours/week for 6 weeks.

This past week I manged to push myself back into training and had
550 min biking
60 min running
210 min swimming
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Ironman Tattoo

I didn’t wait as long as I did last year to get a new IM tattoo. But with no swimming again on Thursdays and Liseberg this weekend, that meant no swimming again until Tuesday, so I figured this would be the least intrusive to my fall swim training.

I went back to Old Sailor Tattoo and Macke. I was really happy with the other work he had done for me on my first Ironman tattoo as well as the work he did on my back.
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Ironman 2015

This will be one of the last post about Ironman for a while.

It only seems right to start with Friday morning. I woke up at 6:45, threw on a shirt, grabbed my swim bag and walked over to the swim start for a test swim of the course. It was kind of windy, but nothing that effected me. However, I decide that on Saturday my only goal was to swim loose and relaxed under 60 minutes. The way I was feeling and the water conditions I knew it would take a huge effort for me to swim down around 55min like last year.
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One week out from Kalmar Ironman 2015

Technically it is nine days out, but by this time next week I will be done with all my training.  The only thing left will be to register for the race, check out the Ironman store and expo area, practice swim around the course Friday morning, drop of my bike Friday afternoon, eat, sleep and then block out the fact that I am not the person I was last year, and do what I can with the person I am now.
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Finally a really good week of training

Since I last wrote here, I have managed to get in two triathlon workouts about 2.5 hrs each, five crossfit workouts, and a nice long swimrun as well as taking two days with the family. Increased my training from roughly 10 hours to 14 and feel great.

for the first time in 2015 I have managed to do swim, bike or run more than during 2015 during a given month. Thanks to Swimrun practice I have managed to get my running distance up. Since I don’t see myself going up over 16 hrs I don\t expect to match any of my milestones again until Sept.

I’ve got a “big” day” of sorts planned for tomorrow. 2 hrs swimming, 1 hr CrossFit and 1 hr Swimrun

Looks like my triathlon club has 28 members on the starting list for this years Kalmar Ironman on the 15th of Aug. Makes the day fly by when there are so many from Växjö there, because it means there will be lots of friends and family along the course cheering all of us on.