Intervju: Jonas Andersson

For my Swedish speaking friends.

This is an interview with a teammate of mine about his SwimRun experiences.


Nu är det dags för del tre i min serie av inspiratörer inom sporten. Välmeriterade Växjöbon Jonas Andersson har en diger meritlista och härlig inställning till tävlande. Jag har känt honom sedan 2010 då jag träffade honom i samband med Ö till Ö. Vi har hållit kontakten sedan dess, så när denna idé dök upp var jag bara tvungen att tala med honom. Här följer intervjun som gjordes i december via en mailväxling. Håll till godo och kommentera gärna.


Berätta om hur du kom i kontakt med denna sport?
– Det var en gammal vän som berättade om loppet och att det borde passa mig rätt bra. Mycket simning, lagom mycket löpning samt lite cykel för 2009 cyklade man på Ornö. Hade nog inte tagit mig i mål ifall det varit löpning istället var rätt dåligt tränad då.

Vad har du för träningsbakgrund?
– Jag kommer från bassängen som var…

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16+ hrs training, 6+ working days and fun in the sun

My business trip to Dubai was anything but relaxing, but I come home completely reloaded for 2015.

16 hours travel on Saturday with 6 full working days and two half days, then another 16hr trip home.

It’s hard to believe I had time for anything else than work, but I made time. I found time to get 11 work outs in, two trips to the mall, an elevator ride to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, a 6hr desert safari, the Cowboys game at a bar and a total of 8 hrs poolside.

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An early weekend!

One of the good things of being in Dubai is that the weekend starts on Thursday.

This morning I woke up at 7am but then laid in bed until nearly 8am. There was a hotel party last night and around 3am I was woken up by the final sessions of songs. I finally get my lazy butt down to the gym. It would be my 9th workout in 6 days. I am really starting to feel strong again, motivated to get strong and start running and biking more. After so much time in the hotel gym I’m starting to see more and more of the same guest. I only managed 95 min this morning since I did not want to miss breakfast.

Since I’m friendly with the staff I feel that I’m getting special care 😉 I don’t have to order my omelets any more, while I am getting the rest of the food, they bring me orange juice and coffee. Seriously, I have never seen so many “rude” people in my life. It’s like watching 2 yr olds. I know it is a class thing, but being raised to respect everyone it is really hard to see the way that some people treat the staff. Hopefully they are good tippers.
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Condition Test in Stockholm in March

Through a funbeat contest I won a condition test at Aktivitus in Stockholm worth 3800kr!

It includes:
An advanced test on a treadmill and stationary bike. A VO2 max test either running or biking and based on those results I’ll get a 16 week training program.

This was just the motivation I needed to get rid of my belly!


Since I’ll be going to Stockholm for Nationals and hopefully in great shape I’ll do this testing before lunch on the first day.