Musikmilen – 10km

Today was my first strictly running race since 1 May. For that past year I’ve been training to run long and even. So it was fun to try to push myself. Before my IM training started I managed to run 10km in 48:11. Today I was hoping to go under 50.

I take Lily to the pool at 12:15 and jog to the start. Feels really good today. I’ve started running more on the front of my foot but nothing over 6km. So I decide to try to keep good form even if I lose some speed.

I get in the 45-49min start group. 12:30 the gun goes off. It takes a few seconds then we start running. The first km is through the walking streets in town. And I got all caught up in the crowd and the flow of all the runners. First km 4:20! Way too fast, but felt easy. I pull back slightly during the 2nd km but still run around 4:32. After 5km I’m feeling strong, still running well and my time is 23:29. I notice that the frequency of people running passing me is really low and those in front of me are holding the same pace.

The 7th km was mentally hard, starting to get tired in my calves but the rest of me is doing well. When I get to the 8th km mark I decide to push myself more and start closing the gap of those in front of me. Feeling great I manage to run faster and faster. Last km under 5min and across the finish line at 49:19.


Under 50 so I’m happy. Average pulse was 180 which is scary. With running being a focus point for me this winter I’m hoping to get down to 46min in May.

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