40 and a day

So I’m officially 40 yrs old!

10 years ago I would have told you it’s all down hill from here. But moving to Växjö and being exposed to Masters swimming, Triathlon and everyone involved has opened my eyes to another world. I know now as long as I stay healthy I’ve got another 20+ years of training and racing to look forward to.

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in Sweden is the day swedes celebrate Christmas. Families will travel near and far to gather before the annual showing of Disney clips on national tv, then eat a three course Christmas buffet (Julbord) followed by a visit from Santa! Very different from my childhood, but fun for the kids.

Our girls get two Christmas celebrations since they also wake up to find Santa even stopped by our house because he “forgot” to leave all the gifts the night before.

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And now it’s time for nearly three weeks of Vacation….

It’s Monday and I am officially on vacation until January 8th. Funny it does not seem like vacation. I was up at 06:15 and raced to the office to leave some information to a colleague, I have checked email, made a phone call, and will continue to work until all of my emails have been answered or forwarded before shutting down my work computer for the day. I don’t mind be available for my projects. To me it is a good feeling knowing that I am needed.

Luckily for me the little ones have camped out upstairs so I can be more efficient with getting work done.

ps summer vacation is 100x better than winter vacation in Sweden.

Home from Duabi in time for my 40th Open House Birthday Party

So Friday I traveled home from Dubai for the last time this year. The airport was crazy since all of the western ex-pats were also heading home for the holidays and/or visa renewals. I decided to go to the airport 3 hours before my flight. It took me less than an hour to check in my bag, go through security and passport control. Picked up some breakfast and then sat around and waited for nearly 2 hours at the gate. Luckily for me a co-worker was also heading home so we could keep each other company.

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A Dubai triple

So I’m heading off to Dubai again for the third time in 9 weeks. This time I’m uncertain to how much free time I’ll get during daylight hours, but I’m determined to get my workouts in. Tuesday will be the toughest physically with a 4:45 start and home again around 20:00. But where there is a will there is a way. The Marriott Marquis has a 24hr gym which means no excuses.

Everything we could do in advance of my 40th B-Day party on Saturday is done. The only thing left to do is pick up the food and some wine. I’ve been sitting on a few bottles of whiskey for a few years, it will be nice to finally get to taste them.

Hopefully our babysitter will be able to help out this week so Jeanette can enjoy her workouts… It will be a hard negotiations for Christmas training now that she’s just as hooked as me

Whiskey and my up and coming 40th

So those of you that have been to our house know I have a thing for whiskey. Before 2005 when Lily was born the best I knew was a good cigar and a whiskey. I gave up cigars so our girls would not grow up in a tobacco environment.

Today I picked up a box of Mackmyra TIO, their first 10yr whiskey. Unfortunately I decided to sell half of them before I tasted them. And because I had ten friends ask to buy one I sold all but two.
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100x100m challange (2014)

So really I had no plans on doing the 100×100 this year, but after a very very slow fall season, I decided I needed a kick in the butt.  So January 4th I will again swim the 100x100m with Växjö Masters.

Depending on which swimmers attend I will either take the easy way out and swim on start 1:40 (100 seconds) or 1:30.  In order to do 1:30 I need help from 1 or more to push me and help with the counting. where as 1:40 I could manage alone with plenty of time to snack along the way 😉

Ironman Tattoo

Even before I registered for my first Ironman, I knew that after I crossed the finish line that getting an Mdot tattoo was going to be on the top of my “to-do-list”. I think it is so cool to see those with their Mdot tattoo, either a straight up red Mdot, or with a theme for the specific race they finished.  Since I prefer to race with calf guards I knew that having an Mdot on my calf would only be seen during training.

I originally booked a time for the 20th of Nov, but a business trip put a stop to that. With Swedish Nationals the 28-29th I had to wait until after. So on Dec 2nd I finally was able to get a time that worked for me…

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