Hitting Rock Bottom

As most of my friends are aware, I have been on a downward spiral when it comes to my training and my body weight. This past weekend at the Swedish Nationals for Masters Swimming short course, I think I can say that I finally hit rock bottom…  My times during the three day competition were around the same level I had back in 2006 when I just started back up in Masters.


2016 started off so well. I was swimming three times a week, I was making to the CF workouts I wanted (3-4 times/week), and I was working in town so I even had time to be home with the family.

Then at the end of February I was sent to a site for an emergency inspection, got sick and was unable to work or workout for 4 days in the middle of March.  It took until the 10th of April before I even tried to work out again, and it was not until april 23rd before I felt I could start to train again. But then work got in the way again and my training plan was short lived. I was then again sent on a last minute inspection trip and was lucky to be able to come home in time for Nationals.

Hitting rock bottom at Nationals was just the kick in the butt I needed. After three days of crappy swimming, I woke up Monday re-energized to not only get back into the pool to start my swim training for the up and coming long course SM, but to change up my training routine.

I started running again, I started swimming Open water and soon I will add Swimrun with Fredrik and others in town that run slow 😉

Tomorrow will be my first CF workout in over 4 weeks, but I hope to even get those passes back into my weekly schedule.

With five roughly four hour races from June 11th through July 23rd, it is vital that I build up slowly and not hurt myself.  I don’t have the time to start over again.

My short term goal is to not have to travel with work until after the summer, and to stay healthy through June 10th.  If I am going to race in Jönköping 70.3 I even need to start to think about adding cycling to my training.

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