Magic hands and training friends

I have said it before and I will say it again, anyone who leads an active life really needs to find a someone they can trust to help them keep their body going; a massage therapist, a physical therapist or a naprapath.

Over two years ago I was introduced to Leon Hobro from Dynamic Training & Rehab. He kept my body going through my IM training and has been a big part in my return to training and my new goals with SwimRun this summer.
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Full packed weekend and my first strict HSPU today!

Life in the Provencher house would be so much easier with one stay at home parent who didn’t work or workout, or if we had two cars, but it would not be as fun 😉 I love that Jeanette wants to workout and has her four days a week.

After a shortened workweek because of being home with Iris and Viola on Wednesday and Thursday it was Friday as usual for us. Well not as usual, Jeannette’s last appointment canceled so to save time she went food shopping while I got in my Friday Crossfit workout in. We pick up the girls on the way home and then shortly after Jeanette takes Viola to swimming and my and the other two prepare tacos. Cozy Friday night at home with everyone happy.
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Benefits of living in Sweden & Feb squat challenge

When I travel with work or catch up with an old friend through Facebook I always get asked “How was it moving to Sweden?” I moved here nearly 14 years ago, 16 February 2001. I made a few friends and learned the language by April 2002. But it wasn’t until the summer of 2005 that I finally could appreciate the Swedish system. That summer Lily was born. Total cost of the pregnancy check-ups and delivery, ZERO!! Yeah, you read that correctly. From conception to birth having a baby in Sweden was 100% free. Lily is almost 10 yrs old and we’ve only had to pay for a few prescription meds. It’s been the same for all three girls.
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Districts & training

So yesterday was my first meet of the year. A few of my swimmers and I traveled south to the Skåne District Championships for Masters. I am still out of shape and I have yet to start training for anything other than freestyle, but I signed up to swim 50m of all four strokes.

Compared to Swedish Nationals in November, this time I was mentally prepared for slow times.The size of my belly and the lack of time in the water this fall/winter is very similar to when I got back in the pool in 2006. My times also reflect this.
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