5 Days & Counting

Yesterday was a travel day for me. Started at 9:30 am and got into my hotel room around 01:30 am this morning. Got to watch Wild Card, Seventh Son, Robot Overlords & Project Almanac during the flight over.  Depending on how early I can go to bed on Thursday I might have to sleep on the flight to Stockholm so I am not tired on Saturday for the Stockholm Swimrun.

It’s a scary but at the same time an exciting feeling.  I was forced to pack for a race 6 days in advance, so now come Thursday/Friday I won’t be overwhelmed with what to pack. I arrive in Stockholm around 2 pm and if for some reason would notice that I am missing something I think I can find a replacement in town. Or if I am lucky I realize it Thursday night and can ask Fredrik to take it up to Stockholm on the train.

Hoping to get to the hotel by 5 pm today so I can get some sun. Depending on the plan after work with my colleagues I might even try to get in a quick run, otherwise I will save my workouts for the mornings since we have pick up at 8:45 I have all the time in the work to run before an 8 am breakfast.

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