Ironman Tattoo

I didn’t wait as long as I did last year to get a new IM tattoo. But with no swimming again on Thursdays and Liseberg this weekend, that meant no swimming again until Tuesday, so I figured this would be the least intrusive to my fall swim training.

I went back to Old Sailor Tattoo and Macke. I was really happy with the other work he had done for me on my first Ironman tattoo as well as the work he did on my back.
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Crossfit levels

Being a competitor at heart it’s been hard for me to ease into crossfit. From day one you hear “scaling is your friend”, then the workouts are posted with Rx (normal weight) and advance. Most times a scaled weight is offered, but I quickly advance over the scaled option in some movements and was in “no mans land”. I often chose a weight that was too easy or way too hard. The only goals I was able to set was first be able to do all the exercises, then build up to the Rx weights.
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Is the ability to swim on a decline or are parents not willing to let go…

It’s funny how things change from generation to generation. When I was 10-12 yrs old, every single one of my friends could swim. Whether they were on the swim team or not. And when I say swim I mean swim in the sense they could jump off the 1m or 3m diving board and swim to the side, play “Marco Polo” in water above their shoulders, play “Sharks and minnows” in the diving well of the pool.

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Ironman 2014 vs 2015

I originally only planned to write this in Swedish, but since I think some of my English speaking triathlon friends might get something out of this, I will re-post here in English.

This year I crossed the finished line of my second Ironman roughly 64 minutes slower than last years race, which was my debut. Most of my friends were able to go 15-45 minutes faster.  What happened to me, and was I happy with my time?
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Ironman 2015

This will be one of the last post about Ironman for a while.

It only seems right to start with Friday morning. I woke up at 6:45, threw on a shirt, grabbed my swim bag and walked over to the swim start for a test swim of the course. It was kind of windy, but nothing that effected me. However, I decide that on Saturday my only goal was to swim loose and relaxed under 60 minutes. The way I was feeling and the water conditions I knew it would take a huge effort for me to swim down around 55min like last year.
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