Treatment and training plan for the coming 3 weeks

So last weekend I started biking again.  Better late than never, but even I know there is not much I can do now that will get me ready for a good race in Kalmar.  But I can do what I can to make sure I will enjoy my day.

After my last two rides I have noticed that my hands go numb, and my back tightens up making it harder to breathe. Today I met up with Leon and I think we found the problem areas to work on. I will meet with Leon twice next week and one last time a week before Kalmar.  It’s only been a few hours since we met, but I can really feel a difference just sitting at my desk and walking around the office. I will try to be better at my stretching and exercises, go for some longer rides and see what happens next Monday when we meet up again.
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First time on a bike outside the city limits in a very long time

Two weeks after my first Ironman in Kalmar last year I traveled to Tjörn for a half IM. It is truly one of my favorite races in Sweden. A simple straight forward swim course, that is wide open so no need to fight other swimmers, biking on a loop twice so you can push yourself the second time around and really get a feel if you are speeding up or slowing down and a run course that is 3+ laps around the coastal city. As far as I can remember that was the last time I was on a bike outside city limits.

Eleven months later or about 10 months too late I am back on a bike. Managed to get in a 100k ride home yesterday on my Cross.
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100 days until I retire…

Sounds weird to say retire when I just turned 40, but yes in 100 days I will compete in my second and last Ironman triathlon.

The amount of focus and energy I put into my training 2012 to 2014 for my first IM is not there any more and I don’t see it coming back in the near future.  Crossing the finish line back in August was like running off a cliff. A really tall one that took approx 38,920km over nearly 1700hrs (1600km swimming, 18660km biking and 3050km running) to reach passing through race after race. I pushed my limits and managed to do things I never would have thought possible four years ago.
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Condition Test in Stockholm in March

Through a funbeat contest I won a condition test at Aktivitus in Stockholm worth 3800kr!

It includes:
An advanced test on a treadmill and stationary bike. A VO2 max test either running or biking and based on those results I’ll get a 16 week training program.

This was just the motivation I needed to get rid of my belly!


Since I’ll be going to Stockholm for Nationals and hopefully in great shape I’ll do this testing before lunch on the first day.

A summary of Dec and a look back on 2014

For the 4th month in a row, training has been an after thought, last minute planning thing to squeeze in. But not because the desire to work out was not there, but my new tattoo caused me to miss a swim practice, then another Sunday I stood on the side to coach my newbies and help them get updated base times for this winter/spring swim training. I missed then a few more swim practices because of another week in Dubai and then it was Christmas break. But there was no good reason for me not to run or bike more. I did manage to get more time in the gym in December than I did the rest of the year.

My December had the least amount of training since Sept 2013 when I broke my collarbone.
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Ironman Tattoo

Even before I registered for my first Ironman, I knew that after I crossed the finish line that getting an Mdot tattoo was going to be on the top of my “to-do-list”. I think it is so cool to see those with their Mdot tattoo, either a straight up red Mdot, or with a theme for the specific race they finished.  Since I prefer to race with calf guards I knew that having an Mdot on my calf would only be seen during training.

I originally booked a time for the 20th of Nov, but a business trip put a stop to that. With Swedish Nationals the 28-29th I had to wait until after. So on Dec 2nd I finally was able to get a time that worked for me…

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Pushing myself to max is not natural for me.

One would think, that trying to be the best and pushing my body to its limits and then beyond would come natural to me since I have been competing since I was 6 yrs old. Surprise surprise, no it’s not. I am one of the laziest athletes you will ever meet.

Pushing myself to max is not something that comes naturally for me. I have almost always been that guy who does the minimum needed to get by. Whether it was sports or school, I did what was asked of me, I did it well, but I was not that guy who did that little extra. This became very apparent to me when I started lifting weights in college. I had no problems lifting 70-85% of my max in sets of 12-15 reps. But as we started to go from 90% up to max or a new max, I was not as driven as others. However, if I have a coach standing next to me, I would go that little extra trying not to disappoint my coach.
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