3 days out


Even if I’m not nervous about my results, I’m still nervous about the whole day. I’ve dug my own grave and can’t blame any else but myself.

I know I’ve said this before but maybe these graphs will give you a better feeling for how unprepared I really am for Saturday. I’ve only swam half of what I planed, biked a quarter, and ran just under half. And that was based on an easier year compared to last year’s monster year.


But I’m still looking forward to a long day out on the course swimming,biking and running with my friends.


And waiting for me if I manage to cross the finish line before 23:00 (16 hrs) this cool looking shirt and medal.


I missed my bike ride today, but had fun with the family and did walk a lot.

Tomorrow I head south for a few days of me time, to eat sleep and talk triathlon 😉

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