T-minus 33 hours…

It’s been a long day. Up just after 7:00, breakfast with the girls, and then packed the car for Kalmar.


Jeanette and the girls dropped me off at Frimurare Hotell in Kalmar just before lunch. They were off to Ikea to meet their grandma and grandpa who were going to follow them back up to Bödadand Campng for 2-3 days.

I left my bags in the hotel baggage room and took my bike to the Ironman expo to register and get my bike a quick service.  After 15 minutes I was registered and my bike in for service. I walked around the expo and looked at all th cool “toys”. Being here makes me want to race more, but it’s not going to happen. Not in the next 18 months any way. Really cool things in the IM store. But this being my second race I did not feel the need to buy tons of stuff. But I will get a finisher polo on Sunday, something that I can wear to work 😉

It’s days like today where Facebook and Funbeat merge into the real world and people I don’t usually see in real life are all of the sudden everywhere I turn. Really fun to catch up with so many. I take a lunch break at Subway, food for champs.


After a few hours in town, and after getting my bike back, I check into my room. Open up all my bags, find my training clothes and shortly after I wen out for a ride. I have to admit being on my tempo bike feels really good.

Back in my room, I shower and and sort through my things. A last check that I have everything I need. The only thing I’d like to find tomorrow is a bottle red bull, but if not I’ll just use a coke bottle.


I head off to the pre-race meeting and welcome dinner. Peter and Christer pick me up so I don’t have to walk 25min to get there.mMost of my 338 Småland teammates are gathered outside when we arrive.

 We find a table at the back, close to the food 😉  after the information about schedule, does and don’ts we eat. Not sure if it was last years “chickengate” but it seemed like quite a few left with out eating.  Better for me, I took an extra meal home with me.


Heading back to my hotel I pass through the finish line area. It is an amazing place to be. Last year I felt nothing about my own finish, but instead was filled with energy and excite for those that finished 5-6 hrs after me. This year I won’t be as fast, but it would be nice to finish before 20:00 (13 hrs). I’m even hoping to feel better about my own race. Maybe training less will make me appreciate it more.


Back in my room, I turn on the tv and start to unwind. Tomorrow is a relaxing day. Wake up and head out for the test swim at 07:00. After swimming I’ll head back to my room and eat breakfast, pack my bike bag, run bag and after race bag. I might even try to get another ride in before turning in my bike. But mostly I’ll be relaxing and watching movies.

So, if you are in Kalmar and want to ride with me or go see a movie let me know.

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