Ironman Tattoo

I didn’t wait as long as I did last year to get a new IM tattoo. But with no swimming again on Thursdays and Liseberg this weekend, that meant no swimming again until Tuesday, so I figured this would be the least intrusive to my fall swim training.

I went back to Old Sailor Tattoo and Macke. I was really happy with the other work he had done for me on my first Ironman tattoo as well as the work he did on my back.

Maybe it was faster since I had a design ready before the start of the race and even remembered to book my time in advance. I wanted the standard Mdot tattoo since I had the Kalmar theme already. But then liked the idea of the race special Mdots I’d seen on-line.
This was the idea I walked in with.


I talked to Macke before we started to get the right size. We decided to go as big as possible since I have large calves and the details would look better.

Once we got the size and location, we talked about the coloring. I thought at first that it was going to need a background because of the yellow, but then we decided reduce the yellow and make the helmet look more realistic and slightly less cartoonish with just shading.

Done with the shading and the blue is nearly finished at this point. Hard to get a good picture myself while laying on the bench but I didn’t want Macke to have to take of his gloves.

This is what the final product looks like.   Still some redness in, but once it has healed I will add a new picture.

I’m glad I decided to go big and simple with less yellow and no back ground. Can’t wait for the redness to go away 😉

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