Lactate acid, VO2 Max, Swedish Nationals, Dubai and 15.4

Lots has happened since I last had time and energy to blog. So instead of one really long blog with lots of topics I will give a short description of each and if you want you can read more or skip it and go on to the next. 

Friday morning I took the 6am train up to stockholm for a 10:30 meeting with Isak to do a Lactate acid & VO2 Max test at Aktivitus in Stockholm. We did a lactate test on the bike and running, followed by a VO2 Max test while running. Lots of fun and interesting results. Read here for more about that two hour test. 

 Swedish Short Course Nationals was held in Stockholm this year. 72 teams with nearly 600 swimmers and over 2300 starts. As a swimmer this was not a good meet, but as a coach I could not be happier for my team. Find out how it went for us this past weekend at Nationals. 

 On Tuesday I was invited on a last minute trip to Dubai. Great, just what I needed with my testing, nationals and the up and coming 15.4. The trip was not as stressful as it could have been. 

 I really wanted to try the Open 15.4 Scaled but only had time to attempt the Rx. Being in Dubai my options were limited. I had been in contact with several boxes in the area, but I was not able to get away from my colleagues and wound up “working” from just after 7am until nearly 8pm. But I did manage to get up to the gym after dinner and record my attempt. Amazing that it took nearly 6 minutes to do 3 handstand push-ups.

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