Last minute trip to Dubai

I was called back to Dubai for a meeting. Going straight from Stockholm after my tests and Nationals my suitcase was full of training clothes, swimsuits, shoes and of course work clothes. Since I had not done 15.4 yet I even had my CF gear bag with me.

Missing the last day of nationals was not as hard as I thought since I was swimming so badly but it was sad to miss the final day when my team and friends were swimming so well.

Being a movie fan I drowned my sorrows in the big screen. I watched Big Hero 6, Interstellar and John Wick. A great way to pass time. I get to my room around 1am and have to be at breakfast by 7am. This is my 10th such trip in the last 15 months so I am now use to the short nights sleep. We get back to the hotel at 17:55 and was told we would continue to work 18:30-19:45. So much for getting in 15.4 at a local box. Around 21:30 we break up and head to our rooms. I get stuck in front of the TV watching RIPD but make it to the gym just after 11pm to warm up and record my attempt at 15.4 Rx more on that in another post.

Tuesday I head out to the supplier by myself while the others meet in our local office. Another long day that ended with dinner at 18:00 at the bar.

Wednesday was going to be another 16 hr travel day. But I got in Dracula untold, 3 Days to kill and Foxcatcher. I even watch Post 37 on the train.  I get back to town at 16:50 and race to get Viola to swimming at 17:30 and Lily to music at 18:00. Crashed on the couch while Jeanette watched Greys.

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