The Open 15.5 Rx


Thats  how I felt this morning after completling the Open 15.5! For the first time in a very long time I’m sore all over.  I’m a more sore today than I was after my 27km swim and my first IM a week later.

But let’s back up.



I get to the box and warm up. Then I get to watch Lotta do her scaled WOD before making an attempt at the Rx. My goal is to go under 15 minutes but David makes a guide to get under 10 minutes. Rowing is easy for me, but 43kg thrusters is close to my max. 72 reps will be hard.

The first step 27 calorie rows took about 1:40, the the thrusters took closer to two minutes. I thought I could break them down to 3×9 but did 9+6+6+6.

Second step 21 I was able to catch my breathe again on the row machine. It took just about 1:15. For the thrusters again I though 3×7 but it was getting tougher with each rep. Don’t remember the actual breakdown.

Third step 15 was harder to catch my breathe while rowing. Just over a minute here. I think I managed 3×5 thrusters but with longer and longer breaks.

Fourth and final step was just painful. The rowing took nearly 45 seconds.  I was being cheered on to try 5+4, but could only manage 5+3+1.

Final time 14:29! I was happy that I went under 15 but slightly disappointed I needed so many breaks. The way I feel this morning I know I pushed myself farther than before (in recent times) but for some reason I think I can do better.

We will see if I am recovered in time to give it another try.

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