Swedish Nationals

Friday-Sunday was the Swedish Nationals for Masters Swimming. I get out of my fitness test around 12:45 and make my way to the hotel. I get to rest in my room until just before 4pm. By then the majority of the evening swimmers are also in the pool area.

Warm up feels good. I’m signed up for the 200 IM and 1500 free. I had a goal to swim around 2:30 and 20:00. Those dreams died after 65m into the IM. The lactic acid in my legs just killed me and my plans. (note to self: no lactate testing on the day of Nationals)

I touched after 2:43 and decided instantly not to swim the 1500. It was going to be better to skip it and explain to everyone why than to swim and get a time over 23min and have that bad swim stuck in my head for weeks. 

Saturday morning I “swam” the 100 breast and 100 fly. The worst feeling every in a pool. No speed, no power and no desire left in my body. I scratch the rest of my Saturday swims. I was slotted in the B relay but was convinced to switch to the A team. I’m glad I did. We took silver in the 4×50 free M200-239. Keeping my SM medal streak alive (2007-2015).


Saturday night was the social dinner. I was not going to be able to swim Sunday because of a last minute business trip but I was in no shape to stay up late and party either.

Sunday morning I ate with the team and then wished them luck as I made my way to Dubai.

My swimmers did awesome! Nordic and Swedish records and a 14th place finish out of 72 teams.

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