WaterAid: Swim Marathon 2021

Earlier this week I got information about a fund raiser for WaterAid, and I felt like it was something that I could really get behind.

The idea is set up for anyone who can swim and has time can attempt to swim a marathon 42.4km during a period of 12 weeks. Since I have been averaging about 25km/week this year, and will racing in a 42km race on August 13th I signed up to help raise money for WaterAid.

My intention is to try to swim as many kilometers as I can from 1 August until the end of October. But my main challenge will be swimming 42km starting around 23:30 on the 13th of August and hopefully finishing on or before 14:00 the 14th.

It would be great if you would join me in my support of WaterAid and donate to my effort.


It’s been a while since I’ve been this sore

After four straight days off from Crossfit I managed five workouts in six days with some swimming in between.

Usually Crossfit is such a large mixture of exercises that it doesn’t effect me with 4-5 WoDs in a week. But there has been a lot shoulder to over head this week.

Thursday was the Avicii hero workout. Friday 50 wallballs, cleans and push press. Saturday, Sunday and Monday we’re regular WoDs, but today’s WoD include 50 lunges, 100 push press and 150 OH squats with 40kg (88lbs) on top of running and rowing.

By the time I got to the lake I felt recovered, but as soon as I put on my wetsuit I could feel my shoulders aching. I knew it would be difficult to swim today. But the water temp and waves coupled with my sore shoulders it was no pleasure swim. But managed to get in 1500m and now OW season has started.

Sitting on the sofa I am starting to notice I’m sore all over…..

Looking forward to my next rest day Saturday when Lily races in the regional qualifier for girls 13 yrs old.

Crossfit Lift-off – Results

So now that all of the results have been finalize for the second time here comes some data from the Lift-off.

I did better than I thought, but still I have alot of room for improvement.
Men overall 1748th out of 2148 –> 80%
Men 211-225lbs 148th out of 187 –> 79%

Men Masters overall 221st out of 293 –> 75%
Men Masters 211-225lbs 32nd out of 41 –> 78%

With 3 weeks left in the Everyday Warrior I am hoping that I finish better than 80%.

82.5kg squat clean

Crossfit / weight training is a lot like triathlon training when it comes to being able to mix up you week and get the most out it.

This week there have been a lot of Max WODs. The first WOD which is usually something to do with strength this week has been 12-15min to reach a one rep max. As I wrote last I’ve been able to reach new PBs in the basic lifts. Today was more of the same 🙂
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