The Open 15.5 Rx – repeat

So Monday afternoon I met up with Fredrik who had been sick over the weekend to perform WoD 15.5 again. Fredrik was going to do the scaled and I was going to try to beat my Friday time of 14:29.

After a short warm-up Fredrik was ready. We had a sign posted with the reps and times after each stage to give each other an idea of what the end time could be. Fredrik did really well, one minute faster than my time from friday.

Seeing how hard Fredrik struggled with the Thrusters and still managed to beat my time, I started doubting my ability to beat my old time. But I had survived Friday, so I knew it could not get any worse. The time table for 10:30 was 2 + 2 + 1:30 + 1:30 + 1 + 1 + :30 + :30= 10:30 since I had 14:29 before I needed something slightly slower. So I wrote a new table with 2 + 2+ 1:45 + 1:45+ 1:30 + 1:30 + 1 + 1 = 12:30.

I also need a better plan of attack.


 So if you read my first report you know I tried 9+9+9 on the first set of 27 thrusters and failed, but more importantly it killed me for the remaining 65 reps. So I decided to take smaller steps, with more breaks, but resting less.

27- calorie rowing just about 1100cal/hr

27- thrusters I manage 6+6+5+5+5 and only 5-10s rest between. Finished just over 4:12 slower than Friday but fresher.

21- calorie rowing went down to just under 1000cal/hr to control my breathing.

21- thrusters 6+5+5+5 went better than expected. Maybe closer to 8-10s on these.

15- calorie rowing down to 925-950cal/hr now but really struggling to control my breathing.

15- thrusters manage to maintain 5+5+5. About 10s between each set. But even though I’m taking these pauses I never felt like I hit a wall.

9- calorie rowing down to 850-900 but Fredrik reminds me I don’t need to push any harder, but relax and breathe.

9- thrusters my plan was 3-3-3 but when I saw the clock just pass 12 minutes I thought try 5-4. As I start and get to 3 I decide quickly to keep to the plan. 3+3+3. 

Final time 13:05! 1:24 faster than Friday.  And today no pain or soreness from the WoD. Saturday was more like a scene out of ace Ventura pet detective 2 when he gets spears thrown into his legs.

I’m so glad I had time to try again. I did significantly better in 15.5 compared to men around the world than I did in 15.1 thru 15.4.

I am already looking forward to next years Open, but first up is our Box pair games.

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