The Open 15.4 Rx

Need a laugh then read this. I knew before I started that the 84kg clean weight was too heavy for me, but thought I could quickly pump out 3 handstand push-ups. I could not have been so wrong. My mistake was eating a 500g steak, drinking two beers and testing all the desserts.

I warm up with 10min rowing and then prep the area. I mark the wall 3in below my wrist with a paper on a sign. Then balance my phone to get the right angle and the hit record.

I walk to the wall go up on my hands and get the first one easily, the second one was tough but good. On the third I lower myself to the floor and start to lift but get stuck and fail. I stand up and then it takes me another 5 min of trying until I finally get the third HSPU.

So if you need a laugh check this out.

I have now done 3 of the 4 open WODS Rx. With only one WoD left everyone is thinking burpeees, boxjumps and thrusters. I’m hopping for 43kg thrusters so I can do Rx.

Either way I’ve noticed that I am holding my own in Europe but with each week I am moving up in the rankings 😉

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