There is a risk that 15.4 will be a walkover!

I just got word that I need to be in Dubai on Monday for a meeting…

That means I won’t be able to stay for the entire Swedish Nationals on Sunday. But more importantly it means I might have to walkover The Open WoD 15.4.

I have been in contact with 4 boxes in Dubai, keeping my fingers crossed they have open gym times late on Monday so I can attempt 15.4, but it is not looking good. Most of them seem to have open gym 1400-1600 and then classes until closing. But there were lots of boxes with in 15km of my hotel, so I will keep trying to contact them.

If I am lucky the WOD will be something I can do at the hotel and get someone there guest or staff to help me film it.

Uppdate: I just got info that I can give 15.4 a try at at 20:30. Now I just need to make sure Monday’s meeting ends by 18:00.

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