Swimrun Team – TYR Warriors

As many of you may already know.  Fredrik Björn and I have decided to test out Swimrun next summer.

I am happy to announce that we are lucky enough to have two companies backing us. TYR Sverige will be providing us with the aquatic equipment we need for the races and Leon Hobra from Dynamic Training & Rehab will make sure we are fit for fight come race day.  Our team name was going to be Ironman & Phantom, but we changed to to TYR Warriors.

Yesterday (Sunday) Fredrik and I enjoyed a 5km swim workout, taking turns leadning during the 25 x 200 set. We have been swimming together since 2006, and we have always been close in times for races 200 m-3 km.  However, we are both relatively new to running which I think makes us the perfect match for Swimrun races.  We’ve just over 8 months to get into running shape and test our equipment and find a racing strategy.

First up will be the Stockholm Swimrun the 13th of June.  This race is 21 km trail running and 3.8 km OW with 11 runs and 10 swims.  This race is the best ratio of running to swimming for us swimmers. none of the runds are long that 3.5km and the first swim 1460 will allow us to distance ourselves from the non swimmers.

Three weeks later (July 4th) we will compete closer to home in Kustjagaren. This race is slightly longer with 26.2 km running and 4.4 km swimming with the same number of transitions, but on an easier trail. This race will be tougher for us with an opening 8 km run and not swims over 900 m.

There are over 30 Swimrun races in Sweden in 2015. Who knows, if we enjoy ourselves you might see us in some of the August races as well.

In a few hours I find out if I will be racing at the Long Distance Triathlon Age Group World Championships or not…

I am so sore from Saturdays 10km race, and I am looking forward to my visit with Leon tomorrow after lunch!


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