Fall Planing

Now that school and the girls fall activities are in full swing can I plan my training through Christmas. Jeanette and I use Google calendar to make life easier. With three girls, work and our own workouts it seemed like the only option.  Now we both have access to each others schedules on our phones and can easily see right away if there will be a conflict. Even if I know that there will be quit a few deviations from the plan from time to time, it feels better knowing we are both on the same page. For the past 11 months Wednesdays have been my rest day.  It seemed natural since Jeanette worked late and went straight to the gym. With the girls new schedule and Jeanette’s gym schedule for the fall, it looks like Fridays are the most appropriate rest day. And if I move my Monday run to the evening I’ll have two mornings where I can sleep in. For the next three months I will focus on the quality of my runs, not just distance and minutes, but speed work and how I feel after each workout. I have added 3 strength workouts and will see how that works out. I plan on biking three times a week just to maintain the feeling.  I have gone down 30 min/week swimming to just 4 hours with one threshold, one sprint and one distance. Over the Christmas holidays I will evaluate my progress and needs, and make adjustments where I can. Hopefully the girls and Jeanette’s schedules won’t change too much in 2015. Fall 2014

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