Ryan, you ARE an Ironman!

Aug 16 2014 I crossed the finish line of my first Ironman, 11:24:44. In the months leading up to the race I was not sure if this was going to be a one and done type of race, or if it was going to feel right and become one of those things I try to do every year.

What happened, how did I get there and was it a one off??

Here are some of the highlights of my return to athletics.

Sept 2006 – I started swimming again after nearly 10 yrs off and over 50 lbs heavier than my last race.

Mar 2007 – I made my debut as a masters swimmer at the Swedish Nationals in Helsingborg

July 2007 – weighing in at nearly 238 lbs I raced in Vansbro 3km OW, my first OW race since Saipan 1983

Sept 2011 – I bought a road bike

Summer 2012 – I participated in several Sprint triathlons and I loved it.

Aug 2012 – I swam my first half marathon 21.5km Vidösternsimmet

Sept 2012 – I ran my first half marathon

Winter 2012/13 – is when I started my IM training

Maj 2013 – My first half marathon race

June – my first 300km bike race

July 2013 – my first 70.3 in Vansbro

July 2013 – my first Olympic distance triathlon in Öserum

Aug 2013 – Registered for Kalmar IM 2014, Upgraded my road bike to a TT.

Oct 2013 – my first marathon – only 6 weeks after breaking my collarbone.

Aug 2014 – “You ARE an Ironman!”

There was no doubt in my mind when I crossed the finish line that I was going to be back next year. The next day I got a thumbs up from Jeanette, and registered for 2015.

But being an Ironman was not enough. So next year I am taking a leap into the Swimrun world….

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