Back to Basics – Pre-season Training Starts Today

After 4 weeks of sleeping in, and less than 6 hrs of training per week it is time to get into shape for the 2015 racing season. This morning I weighted in at 94.6 kg (208.5 lbs) so I have 10 kg (or 22 lbs) to drop before May.

October is going to be a form of detox for me.  I have not gotten out of bed before 06:00 since Aug 30th so it will take some time getting use to waking up at 4:45. I have been eating all day, and eating what ever was available so it will also be a mental battle to start eating better. 

I can not afford to get hurt this year.  Last year I lost nearly 3 months of training Sept-Nov. I will start off slowly with roughly 10-12 hrs of training a week and build up to 15 hrs for my normal weeks and 18 hrs on the harder weeks.  As I have have stated before this fall/winter I will be focusing on my weight, strength and running. But I will start with my workouts will be evening split up into swimming (4-4.5hrs), biking (3-4hrs), running (3-4hrs) and weights (2-3hrs).

In two weeks I will be headed back to Saudi Arabia and it will give me a chance to eliminate alcohol. This year I am going to try to only drink at parties.  That means no more Irish coffees on a week night….

Amazingly enough during these past four weeks even though I have gone up in weight I have only had five cokes (all of them with rum) and not a single fast food burger.  I ate two chicken wraps from McDonalds, but I never got the craving for a Big Mac or Big King XXL that I thought I would have gotten. I will need to get better at resisting candy! On Wednesdays when the girls and I eat at McD’s I will eat a chicken Cesar salad and steal a few fries from the girls 😉

I am looking forward to working with Leon at Dynamic Training and Rehab and TYR Sverige. Only 257 days until Fredrik Björn and I make our Swimrun debut.

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