5 days until my last triathlon of 2015

Funny how it is the last, but only the second race of the year for me. For the third year in a row Lily will be racing in Karlshamn.  It will be my third time in four years, since I missed the race two years ago with a broken collar bone.

I am mostly going for Lily’s sake, but I know as each day passes, I will get more and more excited for my own race. It is truly a family event.  They have the kids race, then a mini sprint for beginners followed by a sprint for those that well can swim slightly longer.  The starting list is filled with everyone one for first timers to Ironman finishers.

It might be the first time in Karlshamn that I am not first out of the water, but I have decided to max the swim this year.  So who ever beats me will have to work for it. My only goal with the race is to have a good bike and run split. Over 33 kph biking and as close to 5 min/km running would be nice.

If you are in the area and have not signed up, do so now. The race only takes 250 starters and it was nearly 175 when I last looked.

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