Retired or just a long break?

Back in May I posted about my recent retirement from Ironman races. I even had three people contact me in the first 36 hours of posting it about wanting to buy my tempo bike. So it felt like it was going to be an easy sell.

But during the last 100+ days various small things have been coming up. I was told to save my bike, so I could do another Ironman in 8-9 years when a friend turns 40. Then I started my swimrun training and races, and realized I loved running when it was with others and had a few short swim breaks.  I finally got on my tempo bike and got 5 good rides in before the start. I crossed the finish line in 12:28, only 64 minutes slower than last year with minimal training, and best of everything Lily said she wanted to do an Ironman when she turns 18. I know I will not be doing any full distance races in 2016, but I will not close the door on Sprint, Olympic or half-ironman races.

So for now, my baby will stay with me. We have one last ride this summer before we find a spot in the attic to rest, at the Karlshamn Triathlon in just over a week.


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