Crossfit levels

Being a competitor at heart it’s been hard for me to ease into crossfit. From day one you hear “scaling is your friend”, then the workouts are posted with Rx (normal weight) and advance. Most times a scaled weight is offered, but I quickly advance over the scaled option in some movements and was in “no mans land”. I often chose a weight that was too easy or way too hard. The only goals I was able to set was first be able to do all the exercises, then build up to the Rx weights.

After almost 9 months of crossfit, my Box has started a level system. I don’t want to go into the details since I think it might be a work in progress system, but it’s the best thing to happen for a person like me. It’s currently a 7 level system based on lifting, gymnastic, Metcon (metabolic conditioning) and benchmark WODs.

Now I will be able to rate myself on a seven level system. I’ve worked through quite a few of the movements and lifts and it’s looking like I will be a solid level four by end of September. I still need to test my running, rowing and a few more the lifting movements.

Based on what I can accomplish from now until the end of of September, I will then be able to set a few 3 month goals as well as start to look 12 months ahead and see where I would like to be then. Most of my short term goals will have more to do with improving technique and getting to the point I can do one rep (Rx or scaled) of the movements and the long term goals more strength and endurance.

I’m stuck on double unders, pistols, handstand walks and muscle ups.  But at least I now have a game plan. Now that I have decided to lose weight, I will be getting lighter at the same time I get stronger. Pistols, Hand stand walks and Muscle ups should come naturally.  Double unders is a mental and conditioning thing.  The lighter I get, the easier to jump, the higher I can jump, the easier to get the rope to pass under me twice.

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