Solid Open – Q2

New week, new WoD. This time it is a two part no time cap beast WoD for the SOLID OPEN On-line Qualifier


Clean and Jerk (GTOH) 1 rep max within 3 minutes




60 Double Unders
50 Wall Balls (9kg)
40 Kettlebell Swings (24kg)
30 Pullups
20 Squat Cleans (60kg)
10 HandStand Pushups


I get to the box just after 17:30. Start warming up. I get a chance to watch the 17:00 group working through Q2. Some finish just over 8 minutes, others just under 15 minutes. When I first read the WoD I thought to myself, damn it’s going to take me 40 minutes. My friends convinced me that under 30 minutes should be more realistic. I’m not really sure, but then I see times under 12 minutes and think maybe under 15 minutes is even realistic for me. Carl just managed 13:04 and it got in my head that 15 minutes was really not unrealistic.

My plan is simple: Clean & Jerk 80kg and test 90kg then rest until the 6:00 mark, and take part two at an nice and easy pace. Better to finish and get a result than DNF since I’m not sure I’ll get another chance with Kustjagaren on Saturday.

The clock starts. I clean and jerk 80kg with ease and load up 90kg. Rest about a minute and try 90kg, failed. Didn’t get under the weight. Walk around another minute or so and try again. Closer but still not under all the way and have to drop it. Give up and rest until the start of 2B. Fear that my back will give out is what is holding me back on cleans. but I am getting more and more confident.

I’m still learning how to do double unders, so my plan was to do single-double-single-double until I’ve got 60 doubles.  It took forever. I got winded and was only getting 2-3 at a time. For some reason my timing was off today. Jumping rope had never been so hard. In my mind I thought I could do 6×10. Towards the end I started to get 4-5 at a time and finally got all 60.

Move over to the 9kg ball and start the wall balls. Since I’m there during class time I’m using a wall with a board just below the 3.05m mark. After a few throws, I toss the ball up, it misses the wall (no rep), but then as the ball is coming straight back down it hits the board and then lands on my face, OUCH!  It happens a few times, but I finally get all 50 in. Right now my back is getting tight, but it’s my breathing that is slowing me down. It didn’t help getting knocked in the head either.

On to the 24kg kettle bell swings. My plan was 4×10. These are not that hard and I almost manage to follow my plan but wind up doing 10, 10, 9, 8, 3. I had expected my back to say stop, but it’s still my breathing that is slowing me down. I felt I moved through these fine.

Standing under the bar ready for the pull ups, I think 3-3-3… and minimal rest between them. But for some reason my back protested to the kipping and 3’s got hard. My gloves are soaked and not much help, but I need them to keep my palms from peeling 😉 After the first 8 sets of three I go to 2’s only cause I feel I’m slipping off the bar. My hands are getting tired and now I’m starting to get worried about the coming cleans, but block those thoughts and push through the last of the pull ups.

Standing now in front of the 60 kg bar I’m thinking how am I going to get through these. My plan was 20 singles. And there was not a chance in hell I’m going to do more than one at a time. I really thought I could manage these in five minutes. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I think it took 17-20 minutes. I the weight was not hard, but I was getting dizzy after each lift. Twice during the 20 I did two with little rest in between and it hurt me. I even had a no rep because I wasn’t ready when I started and then I over compensated on the following rep and hit my chin hard with the bar. Finally the last one is good and my time is up around 28-29 minutes. Only hand stand push ups left.

My gloves are completely soaked through, so now I take them off and make my way over to the wall. The first 4 are no real problem. One at a time with rest. But a no rep for the fifth, crap. I went down to with head contact on the floor, but could not kip up. Carl gives me hand placement tips and 5-9 go better but are still tough. Finally I get number ten and the clock stops.

I think under 40 please. Ask Carl if my time was 38-39. He replies 36:51!

At first I was like never again. Who cares that it took so long or that I may have the slowest time of everyone, but I managed Rx!

But less than an hour later when I am back at home I decided that if I’m not too sore tomorrow I’m going to do it again Thursday!

Under 30min, needing to rest is only in the head. I need to learn to push myself harder!!

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