UEA – The Never Ending Story

Last Saturday I was told that I would be going back to the Emirates to help with our manufacturing, so this week I booked my trip. I will be gone 8 days, but the last two I will be in Stockholm for my first Swimrun race.

I thought I would be done with all my travels back in march/april, but it is starting to feel like I might be making this trip a few more times through Dec.

I have been good at packing for these types of trips, but this time it will be stressful.  Not only do I need work clothes for 5 days, but I need everything I am going to use for the Stockholm Swimrun. Today is Thursday and I have not modified my pull buoy, I have not cut my wet suit yet, and i have not yet gotten my delivery of gels from Wiggle.

The only good thing about this trip is that we are close to the beach and I will be able to run most days, and depending on how long we work every day get in a quick swim, but will be leaving my wet suit in the hotel room.  It is over 35C over there….

After lunch, I picked up a one liter water tight bag and a micro first ad kit in a water proof bag, along with a whistle. Starting to get nervous. 

   Tonight I got some bonus training in.  Lily had her last diving practice, so parents were invited to come and watch, which meant Jeanette missed her training, so from the end of Lily’s practice until the start of Masters (which I usually miss on Thursdays) I was ablt to run around  the lake. Only swam for an hour but I am slowly getting some speed back.

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