Back fixed, three fun workouts & my first injury

Tuesday lunch I paid a visit to Leon at Dynamic Training and got my back worked on. It always amazes me how better I feel afterwards. Anyone who trains hard should really get in contact with your local massage therapist/trainer. It really does make a difference.

Tuesday night was my first time in the water since the 8th and it felt like it too. Good thing I usually train light on treatment days. It was fun to swim with my masters team. I think a few slack off when I’m not around 😉 With only two swim workouts a week it will be important that I don’t slack off too much.

Wednesday evening was crossfit time. Martin was in charge today and I always feel like I need to push a little harder when he’s watching me. I’m still scaling the WoDs but slowly I am able to scale less and less on certain exercises. For example I can do pull-ups with out a rubber band, but use “kipping” to get between 5-6.

This morning I dropped the car off to get the crack in the front windshield fixed. Having just over an hour to wait I walked over to the Box to do my first solo WoD.
Today’s WoD was something I looked forward to doing.


I still have not taken the time to max on any exercise but go after feeling instead. For now I’d rather lift less with good technique than heavy and get hurt. I did front squats at 60kg and then managed 12s on the rings for part 1.

Lunges were the only “hard” part of the second WoD. I did 40kg today. Again I don’t know my max on cleans yet but 40kg was tough enough. It took me 10:37 to get through that one. I really thought 10min was doable but I had to pause between lunges which hurt my total time.

The third WoD I planned on pushing my limits as they say. I went with 60cm box and 16kg KB. I could have done 20kg now that I think back. But 60cm was not a good choice. Just after 6min I had finished 7 rounds. I did my 3 burpees and started on the box jump overs. First one was easy, but after the second one I turned around too quickly and didn’t get enough vertical lift. My left foot did not quite get over 60cm and I came crashing down. Extremely painful but luckily for me only a “scratch”.


I’m super thankful for the help I got at the Box today and I’m looking forward to Friday’s lunch WoD!

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