Four workouts including Yoga this weekend

Saturday Lily had back to back practices at the pool so I managed back to back workouts as well.

Rowing has been my new favorite warm-up before weights. After 10min on the concept2, I feel ready to lift.  I went through most of the chest and tri exercises I know. There were two guys also doing chest and tris, so it was hard not to add a few extra kg to the bar, and pick up the heavier dumbbells.  I definitely felt a burn. Between the workouts Lily (who just had diving practice) and I had lunch together then I got on a bike for my second workout and Lily when to swim practice.

This morning was masters as usual. Jumped in late after getting everyone else ready, which seems to be the norm. 4 km was all I managed today but it was fun. Had i jumped in on time I would have come up to 4500-4600 m.  I think we had a record number of swimmers today with 24.

With all four girls away for Lily’s floor hockey game I biked backed and fourth from the pool. I got to fill up with a taco salad after swimming before heading to my first yoga class. It was just over 2.5hrs. The first 50 min was “mind focus” breathing exercises. It really was not something I could get into. Had I really focused on my thoughts I would have fallen asleep. But after a quick fruit pause we got into some different movements. These I could get into. Most of them were not hard, but since they were new to me, I am not sure I got them 100%. Once we had the basics down we went through a 20 min workout. I started to break a sweat towards the end. I will have to serious start dieting if i want to get better at yoga.  My belly got in the way of a few of the movements.

I’m going to have to seriously consider added yoga to my weekly regime. Thanks Crossfit Växjö & Maria for having an intro class.

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