Travel Day = Rest Day

Last night Jeanette and I watch Unbroken. A really good feel good movie. It really got me thinking about what type of person on a lifeboat I would be, what role in a POW camp I would take, could I mentally survive?

Movies about wars of the past also get my thinking, war sucks, but at least back then you knew your enemy. Today’s “war” is more like attacks and invasions, but neither side really knows the enemy….

I woke up this morning at 06:15. Made pancakes for my girls, finished packing and at 07:40 said my goodbyes. Sitting on a train now. Should be at the airport in about an hour if there is no issue with high winds crossing the bridge. Lunch at O’learys seems to be a part of my routine so I’ll be eating lunch there. Maybe even watch some skiing. I thought I would try to sleep on this flight but their showing “equalizer” and “the box trolls“. So maybe a nap after dinner between movies.

I get to my hotel just after midnight so no workout today. Breakfast at 07:30 so if I sleep on the plane I can sneak in a morning workout.

Sunday is going to be one long day, I’ll have to pick up a red bull or two in order to stay sharpe.

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