Kicked off 2015 with a bang…

6 for 6 with workouts so far this year! I have not been this motivated to book a workout, write a workout or start a workout in a long time.

Jan 1 at Lalandia I did a quick bike and weights workout
Jan 2 Crossfit at the box
Jan 3 Crossfit at home “Ivan the Terrible
Jan 4 100x100m at the pool
Jan 5 Crossfit at the box
Jan 6 Crossfit at the box “Miyagi

Today I will bike inside which will be the first time in a long time that I have worked out 7 days in a row. I already have a Crossfit pass booked for Thursday and Friday. If I am home Saturday I will do a gym brick pass while Lily swims and Sunday is my first Masters practice since before Christmas.

Work seems like it is going to be my biggest hinder with this years training. Now that I know that I can do a crossfit workout at home, I can bike at home and I can run anytime my wife is home, it is easier for me to workout around family life. But when I have 12-16 hour travel day it makes it hard to get in a workout and be effective at the office or site visit for at least two days during the span of that trip. All through Christmas I had been planning around a trip the 17-25. Monday I found out that the last four days of that trip have been moved to February. Today I was told that I might have to travel this Saturday-Tuesday instead of next weekend. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will know for sure before I go home from work tomorrow. Otherwise it will make a for a stressful Friday not know what I will be doing Saturday morning.

Either way, today is the last day of my nearly three week long “vacation” at home with the girls. We just got a few inches of snow, so we are heading out to attempt to make snowmen 😉

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