My back, the E.M.T and soon the OPEN

Feb 17th I met with a Physical therapist and in order to isolate what’s wrong with my now two back problems, I need to take it easy with my training through the 2nd of March….

I have gone down from 12-15 hours to under 10 hours in 2015, and will do my best to lower the intensity of my training, but from a purely mental and body weight perspective I cannot really lower the amount, but just the intensity. I rested 100% for three weeks in december and went up nearly 8 kg.

So during my first WoD, after that meeting, I did a great job scaling back to suit my needs and after the WoD, I felt better than I did going in. So I am going to have to avoid maxing dead lifts, all types of lunges, speed burpees and KB swing for the coming two weeks.

Today will be another full rest day with stretching and relaxing. But with the European Masters Throwdown going on and having to finish the last two WoDs by Saturday evening, I think I might have to skip Friday’s Team WoD and concentrate on the final two EMT WoDs. I have to wait until Friday morning to see what the Team WoD looks like before I can make the decision. As long as it is something that I can do without scaling, it would be fun, but having to scale one half of a Team WoD, doesn’t feel fair to my partner.

It would be nice to get both done on Friday, and then on Saturday try again on the one WoD I think I can improve the most.

The Reebok Crossfit Games “The Open” starts on Feb 25 and the first results are due in by Feb 29th. So if I am going to be able to go all in, I have to hope it doesn’t include those movements that I am avoiding until the 2nd of March.

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