4 new PBs while resting my back ;)

So I’m “resting” my back.  It’s not easy but I’m trying.

I skipped 1650m of this mornings masters swimming because my right arm got numb during warm up. But jumped back in for the last series and am happy with the 3100m.

After lunch I headed to CF Växjö for som Double under prestige and split jerk technique. Neither went as well as I had hoped but I got sweaty.

With time left I moved to shoulders. Today I managed to set a new PB in strict shoulder press with 77.5kg, thrusters with 90kg, 28 unbroken Wall balls with 8kg and to top it off an easy 61kg snatch.

shoulder press was a 12.5 increase from last attempt.

thrusters is something I almost never do unless it’s in a WoD, so previous max was only 55, 35 kg increase.

wbs I had done 9kgx19 but the new scale is 8×28, 10×28 so today I knocked out 8kg. Next time 10kg WBs.

not really warmed up for snatch but tested 60 and realized 55 was my previous best, so I tested 61kg and then called it a day.

None of that effected my back, but we will see how it feels tonight when I try to sleep.

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