Nordic Showdown – 15.1

Last week the 4 WOD Nordic Showdown started. The First WOD was a tough AMRAP.


Before the start I knew that I would not be making a full round, but I truly expected to get on a rowing machine and push out some calories.

So I get to the BOX, warm-up, I get to watch Alice get up to 65 calories and think, damn that was good. After getting my wall ball and box in place, I let David know I am ready, which shortly after I started I realized I was not ready.

I have never done more than 50 WBs, and usually only 10-25.  My plan was to break them up into 10’s.  But I was barely able to get 5 or 6 in a row with out getting a no rep. I loved having David as a judge, because there is NO, close enough.  It is either good, or No Rep. Finally after nearly 7 minutes I got all 80 Wall balls up to the 3.05 m mark.

I move over to the bar and push out 5-5-5-5-4-4-2 on the Toes to Bars. Felt winded, but good. I even started to think if I can just get through the box jumps, I will be able to quickly be able to finish the 15 Chest to bars.  But I still had to manage 40 box jump overs at 60 cm.

I usually workout with a 45 cm box, so 60 cm would take more concentration. I don’t even try to do them unbroken. I stand in front of the box, line up, jump up and over. one at a time. every now and then I need to rest longer but it’s not my legs that are the problem, I am sweating and having a hard time concentrating on jumping on the box, without being scared that i am going to miss and hurt my chins. I only get to number 33 out of 40 before the 15 minutes are up.

After the first WOD I am 24 out of 26, but I tend to move up during these online competitions.  The next WOD comes out tomorrow, and since I am traveling on Monday evening, i will need to find time before Sunday night to complete it.

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