Swim for 24 hours to raise money for Doctors without Borders

On Halloween (Saturday the 31st of October) I will be participating in Simma24. Simma24 is a swimathon to raise money for Doctors Without Borders, “Läkare Utan Gränser” in Swedish.


The event is based on the idea that each swimmer will swim one mile, 1600 m, every hour. There are four groups of swimmers. I will be swimming in the 24 hour group, but there is also a 12, 6 and 3 hour group. The event will be held in Gothenburg.

Currently there are 19 swimmers in the 24 hour group, 9 swimmers in the 12 hour group, 4 swimmers in the 6 hour group, and 4 swimmers in the 3 hour group.  For those of you in the area of Gothenburg at the October, you can register to swim one of the four start groups.

There is even an option to participate as a part of a relay team.  Perfect for companies who can pitch inby sending a few employees to swim for a good thing.

Personally I didn’t think that swimming 1600m every hour for 24 hours was enough of a challenge, so I will be making an attempt to swim as long as I can under 24 hours. I am fairly confident that I will manage to swim 48km, but my goal is to swim 72km before the 24 hours are over.

Whether you can be there to swim or not, you can still be apart of this event.  We are trying to raise 25,000kr (~$3,000). Please go in to our fundraising site and make a donation.  Anything you can give will help us reach our goal.

You can either make your donation now, or you can pledge $0.10/100m (1kr/100m) or $1.20/km (10kr/km) and wait and see how far I manage to swim. Making a pledge like I suggested can be anything from $30 (240kr) up to $90 (720kr).  The donation site will be open under December 31st.

If you or your company want to help in another way, please contact event coordinator Anders (anders@ simma24.se)


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