Off to the desert for most of October

Update: New travel dates.  I am now leaving home on the 7th and returning to Sweden on the 30th! Great, just what I needed.  So instead of getting a week to be in the pool before my 24 hour swim I will land and take the train straight to Göteborg, try to sleep then, wake up and swim longer than I have ever tried before. Good thing my wife is OK with me being away for nearly 4 weeks.

It’s now official that I will be traveling back to Saudi Arabia for just over 3 weeks during October.I will be spending Saturday through Thursday at site working 10+ hours a day, in the heat and then trying to relax in a hotel Thursday evening and Fridays.

The only thing I know of for sure right now is that I won’t be able to workout like I would have liked to during Oct, but I will find a way to break a sweat. I found a Box in Jeddah.  22 Ahtletics and I am hoping that I will be able to get some lifting and maybe a WoD or two.  I will have a total of 7 nights in a hotel, with 3 days off.  I will most likely try to get as much sun as I can on my days off and get as much time in the Box as I can.  But depending on how the food at site is, I might even gorge on food for 36 hours.

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