97, 98, 99 and …..100

Tomorrow, if everything goes as planned, will be my 100th group WOD at Crossfit Växjö.

100 wodIt will technically be my 133rd Crossfit workout, but only my 100th with a group at that box.

I only have 4 more items on my crossfit skill level sheet to do:

  • max number air squats (unbroken)
  • The Chief
  • Fran (scaling the weight to go under 4:00)
  • Karen

It still looks like I will be around level 4 out of 7, and if I am not over 4.0 average now, I think by Christmas I will be a strong level 4.  The more weight I loose the better my results for those skills based on body weight will be, the faster I will be able to move and complete the benchmark WODs.

I also have a few skills I need to learn or improve:

  • Muscle ups (ring or bar)
  • Walking on hands
  • Pistols
  • Double under (jump rope)
  • Rope climbs (legless and L-sit)

One thing that has been helping my Crossfit is my cardio.  I was running and biking again this summer.  I am back to swimming three times a week. and today I really could feel the effects.

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