April – move, baby steps and CMAR

It’s been a while since my last post. But a lot as been going on.

Over Easter weekend we left the VEAB Environmental friendly plus house project. It’s been a big part of our lives the last two years. But now we are settled into our new apartment. The girls each have their own room which they love, we are on a waiting list for a garage and the attic storage is filled. There are aspects of the house we miss, but being on our own feels great.

I am starting to notice small but significant improvements with my training and in myself.  I’ve started biking more around town to and from work and to the gym.  I feel that I’m ready to start biking for real again. I even got around to switch my winter tires for summer tires on my cross.

I’ve gotten stronger and more confident in the box. My max for clean is 75kg and it was not pretty. It was more like a power clean, since I have not felt confident to lift a weight up to my chest while squatting under it. Last week I managed a proper squat clean at 75kg and felt I could have continued to add weight to the bar. I have even started to lose weight again. Funny that I would notice that a few days after the long Easter weekend and moving.  That in combination with strength gains I’m doing better with all my body weight exercises.  During the Open toes to bar were difficult, today I did 60 of them during a 15min WoD (12 each round) . I only managed three chest to bar under nearly 7 min during the open, today I managed 17 in 2min AMRAP, there were of course another 5-6 that I tried but did not make contact with the bar.  But 4 in a row before a no rep to start, then 2-3 in a row before the next no rep.

This week starts the three week online qualifier for Cry Me a River (CMAR). First up AMRAP (As many reps as possible) hang power cleans for 5 minutes. Scoring is based on weight x reps. I’m hoping for 4000. I have until Sunday night so I might be able I will try twice.

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