CMAR Q15.1

Damn that was hard.

Incase you missed it, CMAR or Cry Me a River WoD Q15.1 was posted last week. It is a simple WoD. 5 minute As many reps as possible hanging power cleans with your choice of weight. Your score is then the weight x the number of reps.

Earlier this week I was cocky and thought I would shoot for 4000. Last night I made my first attempt, and have now changed my goal to 3000. Last night I attempted 40kg and struggled to get 50 reps (2000). I lost strength in my hands, but felt nothing in my arms, back or legs. So tomorrow I will make another attempt with 30kg. If that goes well I think I can reach 100 reps by sunday evening.

My boxmates are doing well, currently between 1700 & 6700.

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