Crossfit in the UAE

Last night I got out of work just before 18:00 and made it back to my hotel around 18:30.

I quickly got changed, grabbed my gym bag and headed out to find the Crossfit Sand Warriors box. Not knowing exactly the address, but an area where it was, I was able to explain to the cab driver. I walk in and I am greeted and welcomed as a member of the Crossfit community. It was an amazing box. Looked like the Open games videos. It was nearly 20x40m, with a jungle gym set up off to one side, wall ball targets. It’s only been open for 10 months, so you can tell the owner went all in. Only bad thing I can mention was they only had one WOD clock.

The owner Jasmen introduces me to the instructor for my group WOD Emelia Leppänen, as well as the two other coaches Mikko Aronpaa and Mike Pantaleon. Emelia and Mikko qualified for the Open regional finals in Denmark in one month. They were in the top for the Africa area, but have been merged in with Europe. Really cool!

Last night WOD was

WoD 1
200m row
10 squat jumps
10 push press 20kg

WoD 2
6min EMOTM – 2x snatch
6min EMOTM – 1x snatch

WoD 3
3min run 400m + AMRAP hang snatch 95lbs
2 min rest

1- run 2:10 + 8 reps
2- run 1:45 + 10 reps
3- run 2:05 + 7 reps

we were only 4 guys in the class, but it was just as much fun and friendly competition that we have back home.

If things go well I will be back today and tomorrow for the 19:00 class and thursday for the 18:00 class.

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